We are incredibly proud to have been nominated for ‘Energi- og Miljøprisen 2017’, Energiforum Danmark’s energy and environmental award.

The jury panel has given the following reasons for nominating Stibo Printing Solutions: Stibo Printing Solutions has been nominated as a shining example of how energy streamlining can boost businesses in highly competitive markets, and of how having a good and systematic overview of energy consumption paves the way for energy-efficient production.

Impressive results through innovation, streamlining and tech improvements
For 30 years, we have been focusing on efficient operations with big ambitions within the environmental area, including energy consumption.

By systematically mapping our energy consumption and energy management, we have identified and implemented large-scale energy-efficiency improvements. These projects span a wide variety of areas, from lighting optimisation to heat recovery for cooling and gas consumption.


Being nominated for Energi- og Miljøprisen 2017 testifies to the fact that our efforts and energy savings are outstanding – but we are not stopping here. We are busy implementing energy-optimisation initiatives throughout the company, while our efforts to minimise our environmental impact constitute an ongoing and important project.

Energiforum Danmark is behind Energi- og Miljøprisen, which is awarded each year to a person, company or organisation that has made an inspiring contribution to responsible energy use.